There are many opportunities to connect with the Lord at Kings Mills Baptist Church. Here are a few of those great ministries. If you have any questions please let us know by emailing


    Our Children’s Ministry is designed to reach and teach children from nursery through 6th grade. When you arrive with your child, you find that children are safely placed with other children from their age group. When visiting, children find a fun and exciting children's ministry that is geared specifically for them.


    The young adults ministry meets once a month at the associate Pastor's home for Bible study, snacks and board games.  This is a great time to get to know each other and find new ways to serve the Lord together.


    Life is hard by yourself.  Sometimes we just need the encouragement of other believers in a group setting, knowing that these people care. That pretty well sums up our adult Bible fellowship classes. These are weekly Sunday morning Bible studies, where adults get to have adult conversations about the truth of God's Word in action.


    The Prime Time ministry is a ministry to and for the senior saints. This ministry participates in many great outings and service opportunities. At Kings Mills Baptist Church, the Senior Saints are the backbone to a healthy and wise ministry. 


    God's Word is the core of what we do at Kings Mills Baptist.  In the Seedline Scripture Ministry we not only proclaim and listen to God's Word but we also help to produce copies of the books of John and Romans to be sent around the world in many different languages.  This ministry is for everyone.  There is always a work to be done and a place for you to serve. Typically this ministry meets each week on Tuesday mornings at 9am.